Kujira Ryukyu 鯨 Single Grain 5 years 43% 700ML

品 牌︰ Kujira
型 號︰ KUJIRA03
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Kujira Ryukyu Single Grain Whisky 5 years was made from 100% premium Indica rice. Matured in 1st filled White Oak casks and seated in subtropical climate at the southern end of Okinawa Japan for more than 5 years. Rich with woody aroma and dark fruity flavor. Body is smooth and mellow and finished with sweet notes.

Nose: Sweet scent of caramel and vanilla, and a bit licorice. Oak barrels bring in woody and spices notes.
Palate: Sweet caramel with a fresh vanilla note. With a hint of tannins from Oak barrels.

Finish: Smooth, mellow and sweet, with woody notes and spices like pepper.