Kujira Ryukyu 鯨 Single Grain Whisky 20 Years 43% 700ML

品 牌︰ Kujira
型 號︰ KUJIRA01
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銷售價︰ $3,080.00

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WSWA 2019 - Gold Medal

Nose: Great brown sugar sweetness, nice malty notes, some faint red apple notes. It’s a steady nose, without too much complexity, but otherwise quite tempting.

Palate: Ginger, spice, terrific woody notes, and a nice distant buttery caramel that comes through to the middle and end. Dark chocolate, touches of cinnamon, some hard lemon candy, and a melted caramel sweetness. The finish is heavy in sweetness, with lasting notes of licorice (those same notes that started as dark chocolate).