Prieure Roch , Vosne Romanee , Les Clous 2017 750ML [WISL]

品 牌︰ Prieure Roch
型 號︰ DPR26
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銷售價︰ $7,500.00

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The name “Les Clous” was originally intended for a wine, not a place. In effect, this climat (plot), situated at the base of the hillside at the foot of the village of Vosne-Romanée, straddles two ‘terroirs’: “La Colombière” and “Le Pré de la Folie”. It extends 0.58 hectares. Some of the vines are over thirty years old and so part of the plot is being cleared of these vines in order to let the soil recuperate and reconstitute its’ original minerality and complexity. The wine of “Les Clous” will be therefore very rare during the next few years.